Monday, May 24, 2010

May 23/10: Flowers to Plant

May 23/10: Flowers to Plant, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I went to the market and came home with a plan. It has been very dry here. First I would water these candidates for my garden. Then I would wait until evening and water my flower beds - give them a good soaking. Then the next day - planting!
But no.... I took the flowers out of the car and put them in the shade. I went to use the hose and..... the pipe from the house to the spigot broke creating a geyser which was aimed at me. It took a few attempts until I got the water to the outlet turned off (down into the basement, up to the side of the house, check and then all over again until it was really shut off). So with watering can in hand, I watered these flowers and tried to figure out when I could get a plumber here to fix it.
It's a long weekend - I'm not going to pay holiday rates. I have meetings all week so I won't be home in the day time except for short periods. Haven't worked my way out of this dilemma yet - but I really can't plant until I get some water into my gardens and there is no real rain in the forecast.


  1. Oh my! What a day! Best laid plans, huh? When everything goes haywire like this I always figure, well, things have to start looking up so that's what I wish for you. Hope your dilemma works itself out!! :-)

  2. Such a bounty and now no water! You will have to spend some time carrying water, Susan. Could you run a hose briefly from a neighbor's yard?

  3. I'm enjoying your flower photos. Bad luck with the plumbing. Always happens before a weekend. Sounds like us here in Australia - using a bucket to water. I can water between 6-8am on even-numbered days, but I don't often get to it at that time because I'm going to work.