Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 6/10: Nature Wins

May 6/10: Nature Wins, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: Find a grid pattern somewhere-maybe a brick sidewalk or ceiling tiles-and make a photo of an interesting slice of it.

We people think we can conquer nature. We pave it, poison it, drill, dam and do all sorts of things to prove we are masters, but the forces of nature win (and sometimes lose as a result). It has been proven lately with the results of the volcano in Iceland which now controls air flights at its whim. In the Gulf of Mexico, the pressure of the underground oil has had devastating effects.

In a small way, nature is taking over my walkway. Little plants take hold wherever they can. I secretly delight in their tenacity hoping that man's naive notions that we can dominate the planet will change and we will start to try to live in harmony.


  1. I definitely encourage this type of growth in the mountains - anything that grows is welcome (well- maybe I do pick the dandelions). I like the grid.

  2. Beautiful picture, and your thoughts definitely resonate with me. Living in harmony with nature - I do hope it will be possible.