Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17/10: Light in the Darkness

May 17/10: Light in the Darkness, originally uploaded by susanvg.

As the sky darkened I tried to catch the lights dancing on the blackness. The city is riveted to the hockey playoffs as our beloved Habs, after clawing their way into the playoffs, have made it to the conference finals. As I was growing up, Les Canadiens were frequent winners of the Stanley Cup. Recent years have been a period of darkness, with the team not performing strongly enough to light up the eyes of their fans. Now the city is alive with hockey fever.

Just no more drunken riots, please....

Daily Shoot: Black can be dramatic. Go for as much black in a photo as you can with lots of oomph, character, and depth.


  1. With the history of the Canadiens, I must say I was more surprised by the riots than I was when the Canucks here in Vancouver caused a riot with their performance some time back. While I may not be a huge fan of the Canadiens, I am a fan of Canadian traditions in the league and wish them well for the remainder of the playoffs.

  2. Here's to the end of darkness AND riots. Interesting shot. I'd like to get some night time city scapes myself. Guess that'll be a project for this summer.

  3. I like seeing city lights from afar. It's like a celebration when darkness falls.

  4. Great shot! I have yet to get to night photos - don't seem to be out and about at night as much anymore but I plan to get to it. I really like this broad view of the city.