Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan13/10: Warm

Jan13/10: Warm, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Each time I go out I pile on the layers from winter undergarments to my indoor clothes to the jacket, scarf and hat you see here. Sometimes my jacket hood is up with the snug collar velcroed shut leaving just my face exposed. We complain about the cold, the ice, the sleet, whatever there is. It's easy to complain when there is really little to complain about.

I watched the news with the devastating images from Haiti. I saw our Governor-General, Michaelle Jean, herself from Haiti, cry as she spoke of the tragedy. I sit in my warm home, with light and heat and clean running water and am reminded how good my life is. I will go to a warm bed tonight, in my well-built house and sleep under as many blankets as I want while so many suffer in Haiti and have always suffered from lives of extreme poverty.

Tragedies like this bring out the best and worst in people. Many donate money. On twitter someone posted that his son was being deployed to Haiti. Countries are sending resources and people to help.

Also on twitter someone said that it was good people died - it would ease the poverty as the "wealth" could be spread among fewer people -as if that is what will happen. A religious woman I know felt God was passing judgement on Haiti. I don't understand this attitude.

The inequalities in this world are enormous. How fortunate I am to have the clothes I need and more to keep me warm when the mercury dips down, a sturdy roof over my head and to live in a country where my medical needs will be taken care of.


  1. Agreed - we Canadians are extremely privileged! I'll try not to complain so much the next time I have to spend ten minutes getting ready to leave the house.

  2. Exactly what I thought as I watched news coverage of the devastation. I'm afraid it will get much worse before (if) it can get better. The idea of it happening because of some divine retribution makes my blood run cold.

  3. An interesting post, Susan. I think it's true that we'll always complain about something but tragedies of the Haiti scale stop us in our tracks.

    My parents grew up during the war, and my father's family experienced famine and lost family members. I remember he used to say that my teenage angst was possible only because I had no real problems to deal with.

  4. So very true, Susan. We are so lucky to live where do and have the luxuries we have. It's unfortunate that it sometimes takes tragic events to put things in perspective for us. Thanks for the reminder.