Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9/10: Drying the Boots

Jan 9/10: Drying the Boots, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The Daily Shoot assignment was newspapers which many say are a dying entity. I started to think of the many ways I use my daily newspaper after it has been read. Some, as in this image sop up the wetness of boots from outside. Newspapers are great for starting a fire in my fireplace. I crumple up sheets and stuff them under the grate. Newspapers are the perfect material when washing windows. Despite their inky text they polish the glass to a shine. And when short of wrapping paper, I have certainly wrapped gifts in the coloured comic section. What will we do if newspapers disappear?

I find it ironic that I carry my reusable bag to the grocery store so as to save the environment only to buy plastic bags for my kitchen garbage can and to clean my cats' litter boxes. Better to pay for bags that won't fall apart than to pay the grocery store 5¢ to wrap my groceries in one that may spring a leak and will not be able to be reused.

I hope to continue to have my daily paper delivered to my home (a job for a person) and to reuse my newspapers in as many ways as I can.


  1. Reading this rang a bell with me so many times. I also use read newspapers for all the purposes you listed, and the pages that are not used will be taken to the paper recycling bin. I have had a paper delived home all through my life, and I can't imagine it disappearing.

  2. Until about seven years ago, I also had the daily newspaper delivered and reused/recycled it. The online version of my local and global newspapers now easily satisfies my needs. Transitioning into digital reading has been/will be an interesting process.

  3. By the time my paper, The Toronto Star, gets to me the news is several hours old, yet I would rather leaf through this edition than read the same paper online. Maybe it's an age thing. Like you I feel I need this paper for its many other uses as well. I would certainly miss it should it be discontinued!

  4. That's a great idea to use the comic section of the newspaper for gift wrapping!