Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan 8/10: Focus

Jan 8/10: Focus, originally uploaded by susanvg.

While glasses help to focus my eyes, it takes more than glasses to focus my mind. Since I started taking photographs regularly my eyes have been focused on seeing things differently. I notice more and look longer.

When I was teaching my mind would be focused on particular topics the students were studying. All of a sudden I would notice in reading, in the world around me, ideas and objects related to them. One year the grade five class was studying the Middle Ages. On a trip to England all I saw were gargoyles, old churches, winding streets that were laid out so long ago. My photographs reflected this focus and I happily shared them with my students.

My mind's focus changes as I read, listen to music, work and talk with friends. Each of these activities can lead me off into unexpected tangents as curiosity gets piqued and I have new ideas to explore.


  1. I really like the way you've set this up - filled the frame, let us see through your lenses. Very appealing shot!

    It's interesting that at first glance your lenses are bringing focus to one thing - the Daily Shoot web site, but as your mind connects with the individual photos, you click through and embark on a journey, with as you've stated, 'new ideas to explore'.

  2. This is a great shot! Since I've started this photo journey I too notice so much more and look at things differently.

  3. Creatively captured! And aren't we lucky to be in an age of the connectivity of the internet which allows us to enhance our wandering ways!

  4. Hey Susan,

    I took the plunge. I decided to 'move'. There were just too many things I wanted to do on the blog that I couldn't do with iWeb. I figured changing sooner rather than later would be easier. My new address is:

  5. Great shot! The downside of blogging is noticing something photo-worthy and wanting to drop everything (sorry class...I'll be right back) and photograph it!