Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan 2/10: Dining

Jan 2/10: Dining, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This is one of my favourite restaurants, one of the first Sechuan restaurants in Montreal. It originally opened in a depressed part of downtown Montreal some forty years ago. I first went there with my brother-in-law, George, who grew up in China. He was considerably older than I. Having been born in Austria, his family fled to China as the Nazis took over. George introduced us to dumplings and Peking duck. He held a big banquet there when his mother turned 75 - dish after dish came out of the kitchen, each a culinary treat.

Later the restaurant moved to a more affluent area. They still prepare food well, but have tempered their recipes to please North American palates. I learned to love spices here, but now I have to request spicier versions of my favourite dishes. My children learned to use chopsticks as we dined. Many memorable occasions have happened here from dinners with friends to lunches with colleagues. While I love to try new places, I am always happy to come back here; it's a bit like coming home.


  1. I had to smile because my Grandchildren say they like Chinese just because they like to try the chopsticks! (They are actually not very cosmopolitan in their tastes...)

  2. I love the snowflakes in the photo, and the story behind it. Yummy!

  3. Beautiful shot - good clarity and you even caught the falling snow.

    Good memories, good food - sounds like a winning combination!

  4. What a wonderful story about your brother-in-law and this restaurant. When going back to a place so familiar, do you try new things on the menu, or stick with your old favorites? That's always my big debate.