Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan 27/10: Rough

Jan 27/10: Rough, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Today's DailyShoot was "Take something common--an object, building, or landscape--and compose an abstract composition with it. "

I really questioned this one. What makes it abstract. Was it because the original object from which it was extracted was not recognizable? The bark without the tree created a study in texture; it was not longer about a tree. Is this really abstract? Or just a closer look at what is there?

I took a variety of photographs, got some strange looks as I focused on car wheels, chairs that had been stacked for the winter, a fire hydrant. Some photographs had interesting lines, but I did not really feel they were abstract.
wheel this? or this? Stacking
I toyed with playing with images in photoshop. After all, an abstract piece of art is not what the artist saw, but rather a statement or reaction. Would this then be an abstract photograph? Or does that amount of dithering with Photoshop turn it into something else?

Just musing....


  1. I wouldn't have known the starting point for the chair photo - it's the only one I couldn't recognize as "real." Is that what makes something abstract - a dimension beyond reality? Interesting musings, Susan.

  2. Some very interesting pics. Love the perspective. The last one kind of looks like robot legs. Maybe robots dancing in a chorus line.

  3. I love the form of the last two photos. Somehow I lost your blog for a while, and I've missed some great shots.