Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 18/10: Time

Jan 18/10: Time, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Measuring time. My analogue clock's hands go round and round each day meting out the minutes and the hours. Funny how sometimes time seems to stand still and other times it flies. The years go quickly; my son soon turns thirty, an impossibility when he just turned twenty. Yet today the minutes seemed to take forever as I waited to hear that people had arrived safely at their destinations.

On my wrist I wear a digital watch. My clock shows times in fives, my watch in minutes and seconds. No longer do we live by the sun and moon, but by our artificial measures. Far too rarely I shed my watch and try to find the natural rhythms of life.


  1. Wonderful reflection - I love days (like today's holiday - Martin Luther King day - where I truly spend time the way I want in a reflective and purposeful manner!

  2. Hi Susan, When you are finally old enough to retire, you may decide to shed your watch. I set my phone to beep if I have an appointment. Otherwise, I follow the day's rhythms.

  3. Love the shadows and contrast in this shot. Nice clock!