Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 20/10: Abstract

Jan 20/10: Abstract, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The daily shoot today was to photograph your camera so I decided to play with reflections. We have two panes of glass; Montreal gets cold, so the reflection was more distorted - a bit cubist. I boosted the exposure and saturation.

What story does the camera tell? So often our memories are variations on the truth. We each boost the moments that were important to us so that over time two people's memories of the same event are very different. As we photograph, the camera freezes certain memories. And sometimes the photograph becomes the memory with new stories created each time we revisit the photograph. Photographs can surprise us; we may have focused on one thing, but in viewing the picture see something else. A photograph can bring clarity; it can reveal; it can distort; it can be manipulated. Much like this photograph.


  1. Love the blue glass - the distortions add a different mood to the shot, no doubt! Your description reminds me of statistics and the malleable nature of having the numbers 'talk'!

  2. I see you're experimenting, and I like these last 2 photos. I concentrated on the reflected one for awhile to "see" it better. It's interesting to find new pathways in our brains!

  3. Interesting shot. Photographs really can show point of view clearly. With all they do I guess photos are really worth a 1000 words or maybe even more.