Friday, January 20, 2012

Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse by susanvg
Cat and Mouse, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Looking up at the bright blue sky - its colour seems more intense in winter. When the temperature plummets, the sun seems brighter. Cold air can't hold moisture. Bundled up, I enjoyed the cold air. You can dress against cold, but can never undress enough in the heat.

Keeping Warm
Walking was treacherous as our yoyo weather has left ice everywhere under foot. The side streets aren't so bad, but the icy sidewalks on the main thoroughfares are polished from the many passing feet. I envy the young feet that seemed to skip along as I carefully placed each foot.


  1. Yes, stay bundled until the temps warm up! I am better at walking here in the mountains than in the city where the ice gets inches thick. Love that weather vane.

  2. Oh yes - place those feet carefully!! A man here slipped on Tuesday and broke his arm.

  3. You reminded me of the more intense blur color of the sky in winter. At night, stars are more clearly visible due to crisp, dry air. I, too, walk carefully not to slip or slide on the icy road. Nonetheless I like walking bundled in the coat like you.

  4. Definitely keep an eye on that step - those icy conditions can be slippery indeed! You do look bundled up, but how do you keep your fingers warm enough to take photos? :)