Sunday, January 29, 2012


Nora by susanvg
Nora, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
My spouse and I have been dog-sitting for Nora. Nora was found wandering the streets of Montreal. When her owners couldn't be found, she was adopted through a slightly circuitous route by my sister-in-law in Toronto. She is very cute, very enthusiastic and very happy to be in such a good home.

I admire dog owners more. I don't love pulling on my clothes at 7:00 am to walk her. But there is no fenced in yard, so a walk it is. And then there is the late evening walk. When I would love to be finding a cosy spot, it's time to go out again. But Nora's delight and appreciation make it worthwhile.

Looking forward to being home with my cat :-)


  1. She's a good dog...and very lucky! :) What beautiful eyes....I wondered how your cats were adapting to the presence of a dog, but see they are in a different place!

  2. She is adorable. I think she looks like a mini Labradoodle. Does she shed? I've actually been researching dogs, I really miss mine. However, my husband is not crazy about the added responsibility and chores!