Friday, January 27, 2012

Turkish Passport

Turkish Passport by susanvg
Turkish Passport, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
A friend invited us to go to a screening of Turkish Passport, a documentary film about what the Turkish ambassador and consuls did to save the Turkish Jews who were living in France. The film was the work of a young Turkish film-maker. It was incredibly well-researched and highlights the sense of moral duty these men felt to stand up for the citizens of their country. In many cases they risked their own lives to ensure the safety of their citizens.

It is a wonderful example of how the Turks viewed all people as equal. If only that could be the case today around the world - that race, religion and ethnicity would no longer be reasons for division. A film worth seeing.


  1. Will put it on our list, Susan.

  2. when i was looking for something about this film,
    i met by chance your opinions and wanted
    to thank you because of the worth to the truth.
    yours respectfully madam.

    murat tufan / turkiye