Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gate to Chinatown

Gate to Chinatown by susanvg
Gate to Chinatown, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Every city seems to have a Chinatown. Now many include businesses and restaurants from a number of east Asian countries. This arch, stretching over Somerset Street in Ottawa, pays homage to the many Chinese businesses in this area.

Good food is always part of Chinatown, with many Chinese restaurants located there. The food seems to differ from city to city as it caters as much to western tastes as to its origins. On a cold damp evening, there is nothing like hot and sour soup to take the chill away. This was followed by other delights. Well fortified, the temperature did not seem as cold as I returned to my car to drive home.


  1. Lucky you! We have no centralized district in our town...but we do have our fair share of great restaurants from a variety of southeast Asia - yum!

  2. I could eat some hot and sour right now! At first, I thought you had slipped away to China without me!