Friday, January 13, 2012

Under a Snowy Blanket

Under a Snowy Blanket by susanvg
Under a Snowy Blanket, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
There she sat, holding her baby to her under the snowy blanket. Her bronze body didn't shiver.

Yet there are many homeless whose human flesh braves all elements as they seek out warmth in doorways, in metro stations - wherever warmth and shelter can be found. Recently a homeless man was shot by police in one of our metro stations. His mental state led to aggression. We have closed psychiatric beds, tried to medicate people out of their illnesses and sent them off. Without supervision and financial means, some end up on the streets. Surely, we can find better ways to support those who need it, to help them live safer and happier lives.


  1. Yes, the snow is only "warm" if you're made of bronze or steel. I can't imagine being homeless in a climate such as ours. (Actually, in any climate...)

  2. This picture and your post are very moving, Susan. I hadn't connected the sad event in the metro to the weather, but it's so true!