Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nearly finished

Nearly finished by susanvg
Nearly finished, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
I've been working on this blanket for several months. I just have one more strip to knit. While I will be glad to finish it, I am wondering, "What next?" Knitting relaxes me, especially as I make things that don't have to fit.

My mother was an expert knitter, making countless sweaters in every possible pattern. when we were young, she made mittens and socks. While I have embarked on complex patterns for afghans, I have never had to worry about how something would fit at the end of the endeavour.

But soon I will need a new project...


  1. Since I'm "all thumbs," a knitter's talent astounds me. This pattern looks intricate. My Blog friend, Ebie, made me a Rose Afghan - I feel covered in love and caring when I use it.

  2. Very beautiful! I'm impressed. You have way more patience than I. My mom tried many times to teach me how to knit. Unfortunately, it wasn't a skill that came easy and it was anything but relaxing for me. However, I do love admiring the finished projects of others.

  3. Hi,Susan!
    I like that chic color and pattern stitch knitting. I am not good at knitting.


  4. How nice to spend a cold day or long night of winter doing knitting in the warm, cozy room! I like the pattern and the colors and I can feel the soft touch of the wool from the photo. I wonder what color and design you have for the next. Have fun, Susan!