Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Cross on Mount Royal

The Cross on Mount Royal, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Photo: February 26

A landmark in Montreal is the cross on Mount Royal. At night it is lit up. It commemorates the cross the Jacques Cartier was said to have erected when he first came to Montreal Island. Here it just seems to be part of the forest.

As I have written before, Montreal was once a very Catholic city and churches and religious symbols were everywhere. The province is now quite secular and Montreal, in particular is quite pluralistic. These religious remnants of the past remain entrenched. I don't like to erase history, so I don't mind this structure. I am more uncomfortable with crosses that remain in public buildings including the National Assembly as well as in many non-denominational schools.


  1. The cross does blend in with the trees...it almost looks like a ranger's lookout point or a fancy cell tower.

  2. Hi Susan, I had the Grandchildren this weekend, so needed a few days to recuperate before "visiting" too much! The framework of the cross as you took it through the trees seems to be grown over and nearly hidden - I'm sure it was your vantage point. I like that front tree so dark and then the others kind of fading to the the structure.

  3. Great shot of this landmark! I love reading the history you include with your photographs!