Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pottery Planters

Pottery Planters, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Daily Shoot: What kind of other art do you appreciate? Make a photograph that celebrates it today.

What kind of art don't I appreciate?! I think I am a bit of a culture junkie. Music is my passion - playing, going to concerts - especially baroque and renaissance music. I love to go to the theatre (not possible to photograph today). I am lucky to have a collection of art, mainly inherited from my parents. But pottery has a special place in my life, because it is both art and utilitarian. I love to use handmade pieces to serve food. My plants look even nicer when they sit in handmade pots.

Ballet, modern dance, theatre, music, art, museums - can't think of better ways to touch the soul.


  1. Your pottery planters are nice, Susan. I have a fondness for pottery too, I own a few older pieces, but most of mine are ones my SIL made.

  2. You captured the beauty of these distinctive clay pots very well.

  3. The light in your photo is wonderful -as are the pots. I'm thinking I need some new pots for my 2 orchids - the "old" one and the "new" one that is still deciding whether to bloom. Art in all forms feeds the spirit.

  4. What a lovely composition of your handmade pots!