Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Bass

Great Bass, originally uploaded by susanvg.
The Montreal Recorder Society holds a concert day each year. Each of the groups perform and members who play in small ensembles that get together on their own also play. The group I play in, Flutissimo performed. Our main spring concert will be in late May. Pictured here is my great bass recorder. When it is assembled it is close to my height (a paltry 5 feet when I exaggerate slightly). Because of its length, you need to attach a tube (bocal) to blow into it. You can see the top of my friend's recorder here (his recorder is the same make).
One thing I like about playing the recorder is that I get to play many different recorders. This gives the opportunity to play different voices in a piece and to understand the different roles of the different voices. Sometimes I play the higher voices, often the melody line; sometimes I love the feeling of playing the low voices - the support for the piece. And sometimes I really enjoy playing Renaissance music, where all voices are fairly equal - so the technical challenges are similar.


  1. I always enjoy the posts about your music, Susan. The love you have for it shines through. I had to make that second shot bigger. What an intricate spiral staircase. It must look pretty when the lights are lit.

  2. Such a gift to be able to express yourself in so many voices.

  3. It is very pleased to know that you play the recorder. I love to play the piano very much. Low voice is always important in harmonies as same as melody line.
    I carefully listen to different voices and different roles during my peformance.