Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee Anyone?, originally uploaded by susanvg.
I'm planning on moving in about a year and have to think of downsizing. Every item in my house has to be examined - keep? throw out? give away? try to sell? This crazy coffee set was bought by my late husband for his parents. I don't think they ever used it. Yet it travelled from Montreal to Florida and then back to Montreal. It came to me several years ago. My spouse and I have had coffee in the cups, though we have never filled the coffee pot. Which box should this go in?
Throw away?
Give away?
Try to sell?

Still deciding....


  1. An interesting set, sure to stimulate conversation each time it is used. Yes, I have had to go through the same elimination of 'othere people's treasures" when we down sized. It is difficult.

  2. I'd use the carafe as a vase - it's funky! I picture it overflowing with spring blooms...

  3. My wife and I are in a similar situation and you express the dilemma of downsizing perfectly. What a distinctive set: keep?

  4. Very interesting shape of a coffee set. Please keep them if there is a space. Also,you can enjoy the cup as a flower pot.Red or yellow flowers would match them.
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  5. Well, I would vote to keep ... at least until you know you don't have a place to pack them! :) They are quite unique and if you really wanted to sell them, you would likely make more on them the longer you keep them.

  6. An overwhelming task indeed. I don't envy you the sorting. I'm not sure which box I'd put it in but I definitely wouldn't put it in the throw away box. It's quite unique and charming in its own right.

  7. What an excentric coffee set - very retro! Difficult choice but definitely not throw away! I dread the thought of us having to downsize one day... Good luck with your sorting!