Monday, March 14, 2011

And then there was one

And then there was one, originally uploaded by susanvg.
This little guy is feeling quite out of sorts. His buddy had to be euthanized. I don't know how cats feel grief, but he certainly is avoiding the spot he loved to curl up in with his pal. Each of my cats had its own personality. Elmo was terrified when I brought him home. I had to finally haul him out of the cat carrier and held him beside me that first night he was here. He bonded with me because of it and was a real cuddler. A year and a half later we decided to get a second cat. Basil, seen here, marched out of the cat carrier as soon as I opened the door and went exploring. He bonded with Elmo, once Elmo got over the shock of having another cat in the house and the two of them could often be seen curled up together and grooming each other.

Since Friday, Basil has spent more time on my lap than usual. He still is making the rounds of the house to find the sunny spots, eats his food and waits patiently by the dinner table in case there is anything to scavenge. I know he is missing his buddy. In the meantime he is getting lots of attention and love.


  1. Poor Basil - missing his buddy. To lose a beloved pet is so very sad. My old dog is gone for nearly 6 years now, and I can still get teary thinking about her. Hugs to you, Susan.

  2. Poor Basil. At least he is getting lots of love and snuggling while he mourns his lost friend. I hope you Basil can comfort each other.