Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snowy Gate

Snowy Gate, originally uploaded by susanvg.
A weekend with every kind of weather. Snow decorated this gate while other objects were coated in ice.
Coated in Ice

It looks pretty, but the ice weighs heavy on the branches. Snow and wind compound the problem. Falling branches caused sporadic power outages - including at the restaurant where we had breakfast.

By evening the tree branches were bending low.

Ice Tree

And Sunday morning's snow and wind whipped the branches around. Walking, driving - all challenges.
You may have to look carefully to see the buildings behind these trees.

Winter Storm


  1. An ice storm is beautiful but dangerous. I hope the trees survived the onslaught. That gate filigreed with snow looks so delicate.

  2. Goodness- winter's still with you.

  3. Love the gate. I must post a photo sometime of one we have atour house that my husband made. It is not so intricate but has some interesting decoration. Keep warm!

  4. We had a massive ice storm back in 1998. I'll never forget the sound of trees and branches snapping and then whooshing to the ground as we went out to start the generator to sump our basement. Not a friend of ice- hope it was better to you!

  5. I love the shots of the trees. They look so beautiful when they're ice covered. Too bad it's so harmful to the trees and their surroundings.

  6. Looks like a day to stay inside...that is, after the great photographs are taken!

  7. Great snowscapes. Personally I hope winter is behind us as I'm anticipating the arrival of spring weather.