Monday, December 13, 2010

Watching the Birds

Watching the Birds, originally uploaded by susanvg.
I was at a friend's to play music and she has a well used bird feeder. I delighted in watching the chickadees and others swoop down and fill up. Her bird feeder also attracts others - big, fat, black squirrels. It was fun to watch one in particular who climbed up a bush, the branch swaying like a hammock. He positioned himself so that he could reach over with his front paws, grab a snack, and then return completely to his branch. Each time he reached, his hind quarters went up as the weight on the branch decreased. Once his weight was back he bobbed up and down as he consumed his prize. It seemed to work for him until one back paw lost its grip. Then the acrobatics began as he maneuvered to get a better grip and finally got all four paws on the feeder. Every so often, my friend sends out the squirrel patrol - her very friendly dog, Schubert. The squirrel (at least temporarily) left the feeder to the birds. I wonder if he knew he had been the source of great amusement.


  1. I LOVE that dog's name! (Of course - a musical owner.) When I go outside, my own squirrel patrol chatters at me with bobbing tails - they aren't a bit afraid of humans. I must get a dog, I guess.

  2. Cute little fellow! The squirrels in our neighbourhood also like our bird feeders. Cheeky squirrels.

  3. Since I have really gotten into trying to learn more about photography I have developed a real joy of watching birds at the feeder - and the squirrels. It has led me down different paths of learning about so many things. They really can be amusing and delightful - both birds and squirrels but sometimes the squirrels are annoying when they take over from the birds!

    I love this tangled branch look and how the bird blends in - it makes for a unique and interesting picture.