Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Low Evening Sun

Low Evening Sun, originally uploaded by susanvg.
The sun sets early; it cast its light almost horizontally and created strongly contrasted lighting. I'm not thrilled with this photograph. It doesn't do justice to what I saw. My photography course starts at the end of January. Hopefully, it will help me to better understand the settings on my camera to get just what I want.


  1. Well, I hope when you understand, you'll share with me! Actually, I think the setting sun cast quite a golden glow on that cityscape and your photo does it justice.

  2. Nice linear aspects to this photograph and like the lighting, too! I can imagine how much more intense it was in 'real life' - sometimes difficult to capture...then again, sometimes the captures are more amazing than what was noticed in 'real life'! The photography class will only enhance your knowledge and product!

  3. Yes, the sun and it's power is not an easy thing to capture. I like this shot. I have yet to attempt such a shot. Congrats on the class. What an exciting venture! Where are you taking it? I've been considering starting one in the fall.