Sunday, December 26, 2010


Snacking, originally uploaded by susanvg.
A crisp day with many people out enjoying the winter possibilities. I went up to Mount Royal. Skaters, toboganners, walkers were all out enjoying winter. This horse was taking a snack while waiting for customers who wanted to tour the mountain in a less aerobic fashion. In summer the horses pull caleches (buggies) around Old Montreal. Some of them spend time on the mountain in winter, pulling these sleighs.

Working Horse
He's off with some customers
The camera pushes me to walk more, to search out interesting spots to share. Photography can be a challenge in this weather with fingers feeling frosty after a few photos without gloves. I spend time alternating between snapping photos and thawing my finger tips. But the air is invigorating, the festive spirit and sense of fun is contagious. Walking on the mountain always brings me peace.


  1. I really like the shot of the horse eating his snack. I'm sure it's a well deserved break. Keep shooting and stay warm.

  2. To get that special photo, frozen fingers are a small price to pay. (I'm sometimes even worried about my camera freezing.)