Monday, December 20, 2010

Ice Carolers

Ice Carolers, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Every year Longueuil holds a Christmas market with stalls selling local wares from jewelry to food to fur hats. Flutissimo played a concert there (indoors but still chilly with the church door opening and closing frequently as people came and sat a while). Unfortunately I never get a chance to really peruse the stalls as I have all my instruments with me.

Coming out of the concert it was quite magical as night had fallen and all the lights from the stall and on the trees were twinkling. Some people were huddled around a bonfire, warming up after time spent shopping.
Christmas Fair

If you read French, you can find out more about the Marché de Noël.

Last year I took some daytime photos, see them here.


  1. Your 365 photo blog is much more than photos. Your commentary offers rich texture to your wonderful pics.

  2. Ditto to Paul's comment.
    I love the ice sculptures! Such artistry.

  3. You captured that evening shot of the glittery ice well, Susan. When does your course start? I hope you'll occasionally share what you learn with us.