Friday, December 24, 2010

Snow Laden Branches

Snow Laden Branches, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Definitely a white Christmas in Montreal. Though we have not had a major storm, we have had a fair amount of light snow that keeps falling. Today was our first sunny day in a while. A walk through Summit Park was delightful. Dogs are welcome there and I was one of few who was there without a dog. Many dogs were out cavorting in the snow. Some wore winter attire. This is one park where dogs are allowed to run free in the winter. They obviously enjoy the opportunity to run and play and make friends with other pooches.

Dressed for the Weather         Where's my Boot
Despite the sun the cold nipped at my hands as I took them out of my gloves to snap photos, but the cold air is also exhilarating. A walk on a sunny, cold winter day is a delight.

Shadows on Snow

And the days are getting longer...


  1. These snow laden branches are quite a sight to my eyes. I love the way you captured them.

  2. Love the branches and am VERY happy that the days are getting longer. Nicely captured.

  3. Is that first pooch wearing pants? Also, the pink-coated one has lost a boot. I often wonder if dogs really need this type of bundling. They do have natural fur coats, after all!

  4. The snow-covered branches look ever so pretty. The sunshine really adds to the picture - we haven't seen the sun for days!