Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bush Wrapping

Bush Wrapping, originally uploaded by susanvg.
My friend, Jen, opened my eyes to the possibilities of wrapped bushes. Some Montrealers do this to protect them from the ravages of winter. When snow gets heavy it can break branches.

You have to use your imagination when looking at these new formations, This lot seems to be standing around - waiting for a bus? or just chatting (or is that chattering) about the weather. As winter progresses the shapes can change - sagging and stooping.

Here are a few more. What do they make you think of?

All Wrapped Up


  1. LOL - These are great! Like clouds, they leave a lot to the imagination - a good mind exercise for a snowy day!

  2. Wonderful story starters! I find them all delightful! Nicely shot!

  3. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. They do look like bundled up people trying to stay warm.

  4. My neighbor bundles her shrubs, too. I always know spring is here when I look outside and see their coverings are gone.