Monday, December 6, 2010

Silent Night

Silent Night, originally uploaded by susanvg.
After I wonderful dinner out, we strolled onto Place Jacques Cartier. In summer this is a popular tourist spot, with the bustle of people, the hustle of buskers and a lively atmosphere. This evening it was quiet, with barely a soul, walking briskly in the chilly evening temperatures. The square is full of holiday lights, some of which can be seen here, reflected in the windows. Music wafted up from the skating rink at Bonsecours Basin. I like the serenity on a winter's eve.


  1. Looks very peaceful and pretty! Love the reflections.

  2. Late fall, early winter, is my favourite time to go walking in Old Quebec. It's so much more beautiful without the crowds rushing around.
    I like the lights reflecting in the windows.

  3. You can just feel the magic in the air on a beautiful evening like this!

  4. I enjoy your snaps of Old Montreal, Susan. It looks beautiful on a wintery night.