Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brockville Station

Brockville Station, originally uploaded by susanvg.
I seem to be taking a lot of pictures out of windows lately as I travel from place to place - a quick snap out of the car window when stopped, a view through the house window (so as not to scare the critter being photographed) and through train windows. This photograph had to be touched up to get back its colours.

The train from Toronto to Montreal stopped at Brockville station. The train itself, split in two there, with half continuing on to Ottawa and half to Montreal. I had time to admire this mural through the window. Many years of events are depicted here. It's how I sometimes feel as I get older, seeing the layers of history in one scene. I drive through the city and remember buildings that are no longer there, walk past places from my youth and remember people and events that happened. It's nice to have that fourth dimension to see, for those are our stories.


  1. Thank goodness for memory - I try not to dwell there, but sometimes return with nostalgia and gratitude for times past. I hope your travels soon end, Susan, and you can enjoy the holidays.

  2. Great observation - love seeing murals such as this one! :)

  3. I've taken to taking some pictures from inside the car lately, too. A quick snap when I stop at a light. It's fun and you never know what might occur. I like the way you have touched up this photo. The colors are good. I have been learning Photoshop - love that program - lots to learn!