Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 333: Change of Seasons

Day 333: Change of Seasons, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I love to come across good street art. As we are transitioning from autumn to winter (some snow is expected tonight) it was fun to come across this representation of our seasons. The air felt crisp and I was glad to have my winter coat on as I walked. It's funny to think that as the trees shed their clothing we start to add more. Getting ready to go outside just takes longer as we don heavier coats, hat, scarf and gloves and soon boots.

Each season has its charms. This year November was sunnier than usual, but it is usually quite grey. Then I welcome the fresh white snow which sparkles in the sunshine adding brightness to the short December days.


  1. Oh - I like this, too. A tree through the seasons...

    In Denver, there is a "secret" group of knitters placing their art in public places - for example, the huge dancers in front of the Performing Arts Center are now wearing colorful leg warmers.

  2. Good capture - I can appreciate the mural from end to end! What a beautiful enhancement to what would otherwise be visual clutter.

  3. Great find! :) I love the simplicity!

  4. It's a lovely painting. Seeing art in unexpected public places always makes me smile. Interesting how often weather and seasons feature in our blogs. I'm always comparing my weather to yours and we're always at opposite ends of the spectrum. You're putting on more layers and we're gradually putting away our warm clothes. Although Melbourne weather is often unpredictable.

  5. Yes very beautiful. I like it!