Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 322: Doorway

Day 322: Doorway, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This giant doorway at Union Station in Toronto speaks of another era - a time when train travel was an adventure to faraway places. It was the railway that tied our country together. People got dressed up for their voyages and stations "spoke" of the importance of the event. Now commuter trains are a daily reality for many but the long distance trips play a lessor role as airplanes have taken over. Today we left Toronto by train; no-one wore their "travel clothes." There was no formality.

The theme for this month is doorways and windows. Exits and entrances. I rarely write highly personal information in my blog. But November 18 represents a life altering change in my life. My first husband died 27 years ago. His exit was the beginning of a new life for me as I walked through the doorway into single parenting and singleness. I had to learn to really stand on my own feet, to become (as my father once put it) fiercely independent. It was a long journey as I grew to be who I am today.

This is always a day when I take stock of my life, where I take some time to reflect on the trip I have taken. Sometimes we are forced through doors into unexplored territories. The challenge is to make these unexpected voyages into adventures where we expand our horizons and grow through new knowledge. While the trip so far has had its share of fear, discontent and discomfort it has also been replete with new friendships, joy, discovery and opportunities. Many more doors to go through, many more trips to take.....


  1. Lovely message to accompany your lovely photo. I'm sure you still miss your husband. I'm sorry for your loss, but happy you found strength in that sad experience.

  2. Coping with such a loss has definitely turned into a strength for you. It is good to know you value the anniversary, but continue to move forward.

  3. May all the doorways in your future lead to further growth, Susan. Many times life doesn't give us what we choose, but we manage to make something positive of it anyway. I have a feeling this is what happened in your case.