Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 311: pumpkins

Day 311: pumpkins, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Some people buy commercial decorations, others use the beauty of our autumn bounty. I loved this idea of displaying all these little pumpkins. Nowadays you walk around and are confronted with a clash of holidays. Some people still have autumn displays: pumpkins, scarecrows, wreaths with coloured leaves. Then across the street, or hanging over the street are Christmas decorations.

I get quite fed up with the commercialization of every holiday. But Christmas is the worst. It now takes over two months of the year with decorations, television ads, fliers all talking about buying, not about caring. Then, as the holiday approaches, everyone pays lip service by donating to shelters, bringing food to food banks and then they forget about other people's problems for the rest of the year.

I, too, get sucked in by the frenzy. This year I hope to keep it simple.


  1. Concur with your feelings about the Christmas holidays - it is a tough one to change though. Love this photo - the perspective is great and the little pumpkin *farm* is adorable!

  2. The older I get, the simpler I want to keep things. I love the splash of colour of your little pumpkins!

  3. I like this photo, Susan - the repeat of the circles on the fence and the pumpkins. It so much easier for me to simplify now - the more I age, it seems the more I yearn for and am drawn to simplicity. Anything with too much glitz or too many people repels me. Introspection suits me - frenzy does not.
    When you get to 365, I suggest you start again and do a writer's prompt - your writings always stimulate some personal thoughts!