Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 332: Under Wraps

Day 332: Under Wraps, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This photo is dedicated to my friend, Jen, in PEI. She opened my eyes to the whimsical nature of bush wrapping. Here in Montreal we have cold, snowy winters and many people wrap up bushes to protect them from the weather and the salt that is spread on the roads. When you let your imagination go you can see beyond the wrapped bush to see figures, animals and much more. I think this bush actually has a face. Is this "man" carrying sheaves of wheat to the mill to be ground? or is this a Native American with feather plumes decorating his deerskin outfit?

Jen has taken a whole series of photographs of these "creatures." It is interesting to see the change in shape as the snow helps to reshape them over the winter. I'll be photographing more as the seasons change.


  1. When it is said that a picture says a thousand words, this is a perfect example. That said, I'm sure there would be many different thousand words for photos like this. I think this kind of photo would also fit into a project like but with the single photo generating the 6 words.

  2. Great Susan! I think it's a cat looking over its shoulder before jumping in the tall grass to hide.