Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 307: Interpretation

Day 307: Interpretation, originally uploaded by susanvg.

In Quebec, where French is the official language, signs are often an issue. While most of the province is French-speaking, Montreal and its suburbs is a mix of French, English and the languages of its many immigrants. I guess in an attempt to have signs understood by all, but keeping with the Quebec sign law which requires the predominance of French, people have resorted to symbols which are meant to be understood by all, yet may be understood by none.

I realize this probably means the spot is reserved for people with babies, but there is a subliminal message here as to what a family is made up of. Is the spot reserved only for this kind of family? Pictures don't necessarily convey what the designer intended.In our politically correct world what would you come up with to designate this spot?


  1. Very observant - It is true that both verbal and nonverbal communication can be misinterpreted - guess that's why, in most cases, successful communication requires a response, as well. One-sided communication is never as clear as conversation!

  2. Maybe only the STROLLER can park there?! :-D

    Good point, though; what's clear as a bell to one may be clear as mud to another.