Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 314: Talking Bear

Day 314: Singing Bear, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This may look like a cute little bear - smiley, with a little heart for a nose. But I will tell you a story of how it caused pain and suffering to both myself and my cats. This took place some years ago - so you can rest assured that this imp is still thriving.

It was sitting on my bed when I inadvertently sat on this fellow. Until then, I had no idea that he talked. He is a Valentine bear and he suddenly started making smooching noises followed by "I love you". One of my cats, who until then had been napping quietly on my bed, launched himself straight up in the air, landed on the floor and grabbed the first thing that moved, which, unfortunately, was my ankle. Now cats' claws are very sharp and they have been in rather unsanitary places. So claws digging into your flesh is like getting several vaccinations of bacteria. My ankle got infected but after a heavy dose of antibiotics it healed. When a second incident happened a couple of years later (not caused by the bear), this time on my arm, I had to have the cats declawed. This solved the problem. The cats are still thriving and the only vaccinations I have had since have been recommended by my doctor (including a recent H1N1 flu shot).

The bear has not lived on my bed since then. He sometimes sits on my stairs as Valentine's Day approaches. And, I certainly don't push his tummy to make him talk when the cats are anywhere in hearing!


  1. Well, Mr Valentine Bear looks totally innocent of any wrongdoing, Susan. However, I can imagine he gave both you and the cat a good fright - somehow, that makes me chuckle. I have a gorilla that sings "Hunk of Burning Love" while moving his mouth and shaking his body - don't ask... I've had to hide him in the back storage room because he frightens the smallest Grandchildren.

  2. My cat would have wrestled that bear to the ground :-)