Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 330: Orchids

Day 330: Orchids, originally uploaded by susanvg.

My daughter inherited the flower gene. She went out today and brought back these orchid stems. As the colours fade outdoors, we both enjoy having flowers indoors. Their lively colours brighten our surroundings. I love to have plants in my home - it feels less sterile.

I do have several orchids, but the only one flowering right now is one I bought recently. A couple of my others have buds, but it will be a while before the blossoms open. My Christmas cacti have dropped their blooms as they go back into a more dormant stage.

I am enjoying this bunch though I am not convinced that this is their natural colour - I think they have sucked up colouring through the water they were in. Funny that we even think of tampering with their natural beauty.


  1. Hi Susan - That orchid is indigo! My Christmas cacti are all blooming - pink, peach, red, and white. I have lots of plants - they remind me of my Mother who had a green thumb. However, I keep only hardy ones now because we are away so much.
    PS I'm getting a little nervous since you're at 330!

  2. Very unusual color! Flowers always add a touch of beauty and optimism to everyday life!

  3. Yes, I wonder about the true colour of these flowers too when I see them.

  4. I have never seen an orchid that color! It's absolutely beautiful...but I'm with's funny people even think of tampering with their natural beauty!