Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 267: Ubiquitous

Day 267: Ubiquitous, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Driving between my two residences I had to stop for supper and like many who travel highways, I stopped at a fast food place. It was a question of convenience as I really wanted to get from point a to point b quickly. These so called restaurants are ubiquitous, homogenizing the world with their lack of character. This sign could be anywhere in Canada and with slight variation could be in many places in the world.

Often when you drive in the suburbs of a city there is a strip with one fast food place after another. You have no sense of where you are. There is little to identify one community from another. Aside from the fact that they are ruining the health of our nations through their plentiful servings of over-processed food and fried offerings, they are ruining our taste buds.

So many people eat here because they know what they will get. Even in a city like Paris, where there is a plethora of good restaurants at fairly reasonable prices, fast food places do a brisk business both with locals and North American travellers. There seems to be a need to stay with the familiar even when venturing away from home.


  1. On the go way too much, I succumb to the fast food dilemma. Running from one school to another 25 km away, it is too easy to stop in at Wendy's or MacDonalds or Tim Hortons...

    Agree whole heartedly with you... but, without taking the time for breakfast, let alone making a healthy lunch, this is a hard habit to break.

  2. We don't have these fast foods places in Australia, although we do have Macdonalds and Hungry Jacks, as well as others. I remember decades ago, as a student, eating at Macdonalds in Norway because it was cheaper and I knew what I was getting.

  3. There's a 'place' for these fast-food restaurants, but I do think they're abused by our 'rat-race' culture! I find myself using them more when I travel...and rarely when at home.

  4. I agree with you whole heartedly too. I've cut way down on these kinds of places over the last several years. Sometimes it's very difficult when traveling.