Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 256: Autumn Approaches

Day 256: Autumn Approaches, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A splendid day for biking. Not far from Casselman, a disused railway track has been converted into a bike path. We pedalled from Hammond to Bourget and back with signs of autumn evident everywhere. As we approached the path a flock of geese flew overhead, their raucous cries heralding the coming colder weather. The air smelled sweet as we cycled through a forested area. In spots there were crisp dry leaves on the path which crunched as we drove over them. Their smell was an autumn aroma, still fresh, not like the decaying smell of November. We continued past farms with their own aroma, pungent and not at all sweet.

It's odd how autumn brings both the brilliant hurrah of the maple reds and the fading whisper of the flowers. Both in their way, are a preparation for the dormancy of winter.


  1. Your photo and words really help me appreciate the senses of fall...which I miss in FL! Enjoy the season changes!

  2. Your bike ride sounds wonderful, Susan! Fall is in the air here in CO, too.

  3. Your written reflections of each day are to be savoured, Susan. Beautiful.