Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 251: Pottery

Day 251: Pottery, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I made this piece of pottery when I was sixteen. I spent my summer at a fine arts camp. The arts have always had a priority in my life. In those days I played the modern flute and danced a lot - had recently discarded my pointe shoes to dance barefoot. The camp had ballet classes but no modern dance so it was the first summer there that I wasn't dancing. I spent my mornings in the pottery studio producing a variety of pots, from hand coiled pieces, to slab pots, of which this was one. I never mastered the wheel. I think I enjoyed all the pounding I had to do to make a good slab pot - it got rid of a lot of teenage angst.

What I remember most was the pottery instructor talking about the inside space of the pot, that it should feel full of air, not collapsing. The interior space was as important as the exterior. A metaphor for people, I guess. It will be great when we stop focusing so much on people's exteriors, which can be molded and pinched by everyone in the beauty industry and focus on the interior space which each of us has to grow and nurture ourselves.


  1. What an inspirational piece - both the pottery and the commentary!

  2. My wife and I love pottery, particularly with earth tone colours and rich shapes. Beautiful artifact to keep in the family!

  3. Wow! You hit the mark with this one, Susan. I like the memories this pottery evokes for you, and the meaning you give to those memories. Great!

  4. Whenever I feel a little down I visit your blog and marvel at your talent...I would love to do this myself...not the art but the photo thingie...and with my class too...maybe I shall in January 2010. You should write a book...a voyage of discovery of your many talents...like our friend Samuel de C...