Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 260: Before the Concert

Day 260: Before the Concert, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Flutissimo's tenth anniversary concert took place at Tanna Schulich Hall at McGill University. We shared the stage with a professional viola da gamba ensemble, Les Voix Humaines. What a thrill to share a concert with these incredible musicians. My seat was next to them so I felt I had a private concert each time it was their turn to play.

I go to many concerts and know many of the early music performers in Montreal. It is interesting to play in such a professional space and feel, just a bit, some of what they face in their concerts. To live the dress rehearsal, when things go wrong, to face the nerves, to experience the feeling of the audience and then the exhilaration after the concert is to glimpse into their realities. I wouldn't want to live it on a regular basis, but it was sure fun for an evening....
....and by the way - the concert went very well.

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