Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 262: Music the Unifier

Day 262: Music the Unifier, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Day three of the Montreal Recorder Festival ended with a joint concert of Ensemble Caprice and Quynade (a medieval ensemble from Israel). There were a number of things that were interesting to note that shows how unifying music is.

The concert was played in a church on the second evening of Rosh Hashonah. If you stopped to think about the people on stage (Israelis along with the Montreal based musicians who originated from Montreal, Germany, England, Egypt and Iran) and the program they chose to share, there are odd combinations. The program included medieval music written for religious purposes (as so much of it was). Yet a message that may have been written for one purpose, for example the Cantigas de Santa Maria - songs written for Saint Mary could convey the mood and feelings Quynade wanted to share.

If you watched the musicians, their thoughts were not on politics and historical hatreds, but on sharing that intangible spirit that comes from creation - their joy in the music, their pleasure in playing together and creating something larger than themselves. Certainly, in this concert, music transcended time, politics and religion.


  1. How wonderful. Music transcends time but also is a powerful window to the time in which it was written.

  2. Music dissolves man-made barriers, at least for the duration of the playing. Thankyou for thoughtful posts, Susan.