Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 81: Changes

Day 81: Changes, originally uploaded by susanvg.

March and the days are getting longer. The rays of the sun feel warm even when the wind is cold. In Toronto, I saw evidence of spring taking hold. The trees, too feel the sun's warmth; they slowly start the growing process. Buds burst forth on the first brave trees. The song of the robin can now be heard again.


  1. Two hours north of Toronto I'm not seeing buds on the trees yet, but I am loving the robin chirps, mixed in with all the other newly returned voices. Beautiful, clear sky in your photo - not always seen in Toronto!

  2. I have a 365 blog and found yours in a search for others like myself. You always have such interesting photos!
    I saw today's photo and knew I had to stop lurking and say hello.
    Come on over to to see what happened to my magnolia today. UGH. I'm so ready for spring!