Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 72: Sitting Outside

Day 72: Sitting Outside, originally uploaded by susanvg.

There comes a time in March when the sun actually feels warm. A chair outside in a sheltered spot, a good book and fresh air - life is good. Although I was bundled in winter wear – heavy jacket, boots, hat and scarf, it felt like outdoor life was beginning again.. This is not to say we hibernate all winter. However, usually when outdoors, we have to keep moving. As the weather mellows, we slowly creep outdoors to sit and catch the warmth. Whether in the country, or the city, you see people with faces upturned reaching for the sun’s rays.


  1. Yes, soon you will be applauding those rays and I will be trying to escape the extreme heat and humidity with air conditioning! Enjoy the meltdown!

  2. Nothing like it! Love the hard shadows - the sun must have felt toasty warm!

  3. Looks very inviting! Even though there's still snow here too, there's real warmth in the sun now and you can hear a cacophony of bird voices that weren't there a few weeks ago. Enjoy!