Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 77: Basil Loves Yogourt

Day 77: Basil Loves Yogourt, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Apologies for the quality of the photograph; I grabbed my camera and it was not on the right setting. This is my cat, Basil and he loves yogourt. When I buy this size container, I know it will produce some entertainment. Once I have finished eating, I put the container down and Basil gets to work. At first he licks daintily down the sides, but then he really digs in, getting his head stuck. For a number of years he would try to back away, sometimes slinking all around the room. Of course, eventually the container would fall off, proving that his technique worked. Recently he began using a new strategy - nodding his head from side to side as he licks inside the container. While this strategy is no more effective than his former one, eventually the container does fall off.

He never seems perturbed by his predicament; in fact he sometimes digs in again if he thinks there may still be some yogourt left, getting his head stuck for a second time.


  1. LOL. This is hilarious! I'm glad you posted it.

  2. Great story. I made me chuckle. They're funny creatures aren't they.

  3. Very funny predicament! What kind of cat is Basil? I have a friend who turned 100 yesterday - her cat "Curly" has a body shape and fur like yours.

  4. Basil is a Cornish Rex - but does not behave in a very kinglike fashion. There are times I think they should be Cornish Wrecks.