Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 87: Ah Crocuses

Day 87: Ah Crocuses, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Spring has come very early to Montreal. The snow is almost gone and each day the signs of spring become more evident. Here are the first flowers of the season - a burst of colour against the straw grass. White winter followed by the washed out browns and yellows of early spring makes one crave colour. I walk, eyes focused on these protected areas, micro-climates that encourage growth.

My front garden, facing north, still has patches of dirty snow. No growth yet. But you can see the promise the earth holds.


  1. Nicely captured! Though we have our own version of spring here, it doesn't evoke the same feeling! Might have something to do with the lack of contrast! ;) I vicariously enjoy the unfolding of the new season through photos of my colleagues in the north!

  2. The fragility and color of the crocuses make a nice contrast with the stone wall. I'm glad spring is coming to your world.

  3. What a treat! I've been looking around my yard to see where the squirrels have moved all my bulbs to. I should have some crocuses somewhere.