Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 76: A Hint of Green

Day 76: A Hint of Green, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The mercury went up; we seem to be having an unusually early spring. March, known for heavy, wet snowfalls, has been sunny and no snow is forecast for the next few days. It always amazes me that as soon as the snow shrinks back, flower sprouts start to appear. These are in a protected area that not only gets sun but has warmth reflected from a stone wall. It is always a pleasure to see the first signs of growth. Each time I go out walking, I search for little changes.

It was a day for walking outdoors, with temperatures reaching 13C (55F). Walking with my jacket open felt liberating. It's funny that temperatures that make us zip up in fall feel warm in spring. The terrace was open at the local cafe and people were enjoying their coffees in the unexpected warmth. High on a tree branch, a cardinal serenaded all who passed. Spring doesn't wait for the calendar.


  1. Looks lovely! Every year, I plant bulbs in the protected south-facing garden behind my house, in the hope that they will lift my spirit at winter's end. No such luck! I do however have some happy, sated squirrels. Keep posting pics of your bulbs so I can at least enjoy those!