Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 89: Up through the rain

Day 89: Up through the rain, originally uploaded by susanvg.

You never know where a photo comes from - as I go through my day, my camera always by my side, I don't always see the photo op or realize what photo will be the one.

I was at a conference all day - Springboards - which is about the teaching of language arts. Roch Carrier, a Canadian author spoke. He talked about when he was young and studying at the Sorbonne, he decided to write a story a day - each day different and how he had to make what he described unique. It resonated - how in photography we try to find the unique in the ordinary, to see what we didn't notice before. He also spoke about how the text is alive that it takes on meanings depending on the experience of the reader and the context in which it is read. So true with photos as well.

I took few pictures yesterday - one of 3 teachers who have been part of a telecollaborative initiative I have been leading with another colleague. One of the teachers was presenting about her growth through this project and how she came to be a blogger. I didn't post that photograph because, while I value the memory, the photograph itself didn't really represent the uniqueness of the moment.

I settled on this image, shot as I was exiting from the parking garage and was waiting for a gap in the traffic to get onto the street. I looked up through my sunroof (or should I say rainroof) and snapped this. Even through the rain I was intrigued by the buildings, but also by the white space. Sometimes it is the spaces we make in our lives, - time for reflection, for listening to wise people, for friendships - that help us grow and reach in ways we haven't before.


  1. Beautiful image. I like how clean the sky is. And the simple contrast of the buildings - they have their own dark color, and the same color of the sky reflected in the glass. The perspective is cool too.

  2. So well said! Your photos and text always tell a story...one that may be personal, but because you share it with the world, it makes space for all who take the time to interact! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really like the angle of this picture. Good reminder to look up once in awhile! Who knows what great shots we might be walking under...

  4. I looked at the photo a long time - trying to make sense of it, I guess. It has beauty and symmetry - maybe more so because it's not representative for me. Have you read Danial Pink's book, A Whole New Mind? He speaks of white spaces and how the right brain "interprets" them.