Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 85: A Rainy Drive

Day 85: A Rainy Drive, originally uploaded by susanvg.

It has been a dry March with sunny days that have melted most of the snow leaving an accumulation of dirt behind. We have needed this rain to wash the city clean. On my way to dinner with a friend the raindrops started to fall. For the first time since autumn you could smell the earthy aroma of the soil.

As I drove home, the car lights shone trails of colour across the pavement. The street lamps glowed halos while the drops of water on my windshield reflected back the myriad of shades. Rain - soon the plants will come back to life.


  1. A great rainy night shot. I love rain, but don't really enjoy driving in it at night. All that reflected light bothers my eyes. Thanks for doing it for me!

  2. I always love the long reflections on wet slippery streets like this. Nice shot. Were you stopped at a traffic light to shoot this? Or were you moving?

  3. You can see the red light reflected on the left - I was definitely stopped!