Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 74: An Old Tree

Day 74: An Old Tree, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This old tree has witnessed much in its lifetime. It must be in the vicinity of one hundred years old. The houses in this neighbourhood are more recent. Some have been around for about 85 years - mine was built in 1936. Was the tree part of a forest and allowed to remain? When the homes were built, there were not many at first. Now it is right in the middle of the city.

Back when this tree was young, some milkmen still delivered their products by horse drawn wagons. There were streetcars in the neighbourhood. Now a subway system transports people around the city. And supermarkets have made most milkmen redundant. This tree has seen so many changes.

What has this tree sheltered? Despite being in a city, there is abundant wildlife in the neighbourhood: squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, skunks, raccoons and even an occasional fox. There are a number of different birds, both those that stay and those that pass through on their way north or south. Is the hole in this trunk serving as a home? Do animals burrow under the roots?

If only trees could talk, what stories they would tell!

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